- World Championship Match Chiburdanidze-Alexandria (1981)-the  

  only equal match (8:8) in the history of women's chess!

- 2-time World Vice-Champion (1975-1978, 1981-1984);

- Winner of the World Championship Interzonal Tournaments(1971, 1985);

- Participant of 8 World Championship Candidates' cycles(1966-1988);

- Winner of the European countries Champions' Cup (1970);

- 6-time winner of the World Chess Olympiads (1969, 1974, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1986);

- Captain of the World Chess Olympiads winner Georgian women's team (1992, 1994,


- Fide Central Committee member (1994-1998);

- Chairperson, Fide Commitee on Women's Chess (1986-2002);

- Chairperson, International Grandmaster's Assotiation (GMA) Women's Council (1989-


- President, Chess Club "NTN", winner of the European Club Cup-2004, 2005;

- International arbiter;

- National Ambassador on Sport, Tolerance, and Fair Play in the Council of Europe.



participants, Pairings & Results, Standings: U8 Boys. U10 Boys. U12 Boys. U16 Boys.

                                                                                  U8 Girls. U10 Girls. U12 Girls. U16 Girls.


Games(pgn):                                                         U8 Boys. U10 Boys. U12 Boys. U16 Boys.

                                                                                 U8 Girls. U10 Girls. U12 Girls. U16 Girls.


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  Poti is a city in the Samegrelo province in the west of Republic of Georgia. It is situated on the east coast of the Black Sea and therefore serves as one of the three Georgian ports on that sea. Nearby the city, the major river of Western Georgia, Rioni, enters the Black Sea.
  Poti was founded as a Greek colony in the 7th century BC and named Phasis. For the first time in Georgia, a railway was constructed between Poti and Shorapani in 1871. In 1991 a European water-skiing championship took place in Poti.
The legend about the Golden Fleece (the Argonauts, Jason and Medea) is geographically set in the town of Poti and the river Rioni. In 1986 the famous traveller Tim Severin stopped here during his "Golden Fleece" round. The population of Poti is 47,149 according to 2002 figures. Poti is divided into four municipalities: Center, Nabada, Island and Maltakva. Maltakva is renowned for its tourism facilities, hosting important sports events. In the old buildings, where Soviet soldiers used to live, now live refugees from Abkhazia. Poti is located at an altitude of two meters above sea level. It has a subtropical climate. Winter is mild and warm. The average temperature in January equals 5.2 degrees Celsius, in July 22.9 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is abundant and reaches 1,960 mm per annum.
  Three schools of higher education and more than 10 secondary schools function in town.
Service and food industry represent the most important sectors of the economy. The port (5 million tons per annum) is operational. Poti is also a home to a main naval base and headquarters of the Georgian navy.